Aloha & Welcome to the Mentoring Partnership Project Web site!

Definition of Mentoring: Mentoring is a dynamic, reciprocal, long-term formal, or informal, relationship that focuses on personal and/or professional development. A mentor is a sounding board and guide. Mentors provide perspective, resources, and ask thought-provoking questions. In the ideal mentoring relationship, mentors and mentees, or proteges, learn and teach each other.

The Mentoring Partnership Project (MPP) incorporates faculty-student partnerships. MPP will bring faculty and students together in social and formal settings, in person and on-line. Support will be provided for an on-line mentoring community, student self-determination, and partnership facilitation.

The goals of MPP are to promote accessibility, inclusion, retention, and matriculation for students with disabilities at the post-secondary level and to increase the knowledge, skills, and awareness of faculty members related to disability issues and creating inclusive classrooms.

MPP will research and provide information relating to how students with disabilities and faculty members mentor one another. Examples of such partnerships led to this promising research avenue. Learn more about the MPP Project | About this Web Site