About Us

The Center on Disability Studies (CDS) staff are committed to facilitating success for all participants in Universities and colleges, including faculty, administrators, staff, and students.

The Teaching All Students, Reaching All Learners project, funded by the US Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, will share teaching techniques CDS has researched, developed, and synthesized that will enhance the quality of work for both faculty and students, as both populations advance in the University and college setting.

In the Teaching All Students, Reaching All Learners project, CDS staff will assist:

  1. Faculty to focus on learning skills such as 1) using Universal Design for Learning (also known as Universal Design for Instruction or UDI), 2) increasing knowledge about working with students from many cultures, including cultures of disabilities, and 3) enhancing comprehension of mentoring. These skills can improve quality of teaching, research, and publication, assisting faculty in promotion and tenure and lead to improved student learning.
  2. Student preparation, participation, and performance, and therefore increased rates of retention and matriculation.

From October 2008 through September 2011, faculty from the Center on Disability Studies (CDS) will provide training to faculty and staff using validated and practical strategies in multiculturalism, UDL, and mentoring. Each area of expertise will be developed into one integrated module and three component modules.

CDS faculty will continue to conduct research on the effectiveness of these strategies.

Download SDDL Information Brief (PDF Format)

For general project information, contact Kelly Roberts, Project Coordinator at: robertsk@hawaii.edu or 808-956-0996. For more information or to receive Professional Development Training on implementing these modules please contact: Megan Conway, Training Coordinator at: mconway@hawaii.edu or 808-956-6166.